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Virus Removal

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Have trouble with your laptop/desktop displaying error messages & running slowly?

If your computer is running slower than usual or is simply not working as well as it usually does, chances are you have a virus. Viruses can have a devastating effect on your computer so it is important to act quickly. Hackers can secretly spy on your browsing history, access private documents, and are even keylogger software to record the personal data of your passwords, so fast, effective removal of viruses is paramount.

Our Virus Removal Service Includes:

Complete Virus Cleanup

Is your device infected with a virus?

To clear malware and viruses from your computer, test your device functionality, and update and install your security software, contact our team of experts today.

100% Malware & Trojan Cleanup

Got a tricky Trojan on your computer? Protect your computer against sneaky Trojans and other types of malware with the best virus protection service in across Melbourne.

Installing Anti-Virus Software

Antivirus software programs are essential software programs that every computer should have running at all times to prevent viruses and spyware from infecting it. Many viruses and spyware exist on the Internet, and any one of them can damage your files or your operating system.

Install an antivirus program today if you do not have one installed on your computer. Call us today!

Fixing & Recovering Hacked Website

If you suspect that your website or the website of a client under your control has been hacked, do not panic.

We got you covered, call us today to protect your website from hacking.

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Tips & Frequently Asked Questions:

How to get rid of malware and spyware?

As they say, prevention is better than cure, so make sure you have the proper virus protection in place right now. Your security software may be able to assist you if your computer has been infected with a virus.

If you’re not sure how to install your security software properly, Login IT can come out and help you make sure it’s installed correctly and is protecting your computer.

If you have a virus, you may require professional assistance, which we can provide. We can assist you set up anti-virus software as well as uninstall any unwanted malware.

How to know if a virus is on your computer?

When identifying a potential virus on your computer, there are a variety of things to look for.

A malware infection can cause a computer to function slowly, data to disappear, problems while shutting down the laptop or PC, unexpected pop-ups, computer crashes, and error messages, to name a few symptoms.

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