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Facing an issue with your macOS Crash or Hardware?

We offer convenient onsite Mac repairs for your business or home office. Whether it’s a crash, hardware problems, or repairs – whatever your problem, our dedicated team of Mac experts will have your Mac back up and running in no time.

Our onsite Mac repair service allows you to continue working as best you can without having to unplug your devices and bring them to our repair workshop. With our onsite Mac repairs service available in Melbourne and surrounds, your networks and technology will not be out of action for long.

Our Mac Repair Service Includes:

Fixing macOS Crash/System Crash

Having a Mac laptop crash is annoying, especially when it happens during an activity we didn’t save properly. Mac is a robust system, however, due to technical glitch, macOS may crash. In order to avoid permanent data loss, you need to fix frequent Mac crashes as soon as possible.

Correcting Hardware Problems

Login IT hardware installation services include installing new hardware, updating drivers, and optimizing the computer performance. Call today to make an appointment!

Fixing Network Issue On Mac

We’ve all been there. You’ve been streaming over your home Wi-Fi connection for months and now suddenly your Mac won’t connect.

Mac isn’t Running Right

Is your Mac running slow? There can be several reasons why a Mac isn’t performing as it should, but they are often due to one or more of the following:

  • The Mac is old or its hardware can’t keep up.
  • There is a hardware problem.
  • There is a software problem.

Fret not, our team of experts will help you solve this issue in minutes!

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7-days a week
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At LoginIT,

we offer you expert IT solutions 7-days a week & also remote solutions for both home and workplace tech issues.

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Tips & Frequently Asked Questions:

Mac not switching on

There are many reasons why your MacBook won’t turn on. In some cases, the MacBook battery, MacBook display, or the motherboard needs to be repaired or replaced. Fret not, our team of experts will help you solve this issue in minutes!     

Call Login IT today.

Why does Mac crash and freezes?

Although Macs are known for their reliability and ease of use, crashes and freezes do happen from time to time. These can be caused by software bugs, performance-related problems, too many applications open at once, or not enough system memory.

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