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Desktop/Laptop Security

The team of experts at LoginIT goes beyond just installing and updating the latest software. We make sure that your operating system and software programs are updated on regular basis.

Your operating system helps in checking for the updates automatically. Windows Update for Windows and Mac operating system includes Software Update feature. Security updates must be installed immediately as they fix some security vulnerabilities and can be exploited by unauthorized people. You can easily download and install software updates regularly from software vendor websites, and most of the programs now come with built-in feature.

We at Login IT analyze specific security requirements and vulnerabilities of your business, and perfectly customize our security solutions to offer top-notch protection.

We mainly focus on –

• Monitoring your IT systems and networks for about 24×7 to detect, prevent and correct any illegal access or malicious activity.
• The best Anti-Virus Software & Services to detect, prevent and remove any form of malware that might affect your business: virus, Trojans, worms, adware, rootkits and more.
• Perfectly manage Firewall & Web Filtering Services that keep your information safe
• Email Protection & Archiving that helps in keeping your email free from spam and malware, guaranteeing that unauthorized users cannot use your email to access other business systems, and safely stores your e-mail.
• Wireless Information Security that helps in accessing vital information on your wireless devices without worrying about security breaches.
• Help Desk Support Service so that you can reach us instantly through email, live chat or telephone if you have any security issues.

Desktop/Laptop Security

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