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Backup Solutions

Data is precious on your computer, LoginIT fully recognizes and offer top-notch backup solutions for your PC or Mac. It’s not necessary for you to use manual methods such as loading data to memory sticks or flash memory devices.

Cloud Computing, it’s the latest technology for data backup and storage. With the help of LAN technology or typical internet connections, data can be transferred to public cloud where data can be stored perfectly, cheaply and securely.

When there is any temporary loss of data due to computer crash, data can be effectively recovered from remote cloud site. We will create a backup of your files and help you set up a routine to keep your data safe. Simply, we install a back up to your PC and control its default data feature. You can now restore the corrupted or lost files and get back to business quickly with just few clicks.

We protect data, email, photos and videos, and also set up a backup solution. Also, transfer data from one computer to the other new computer. The team at LoginIT is highly qualified to offer wide range of services to keep you up and running. The team is highly proficient in selecting the ideal solution for specific backup needs.

Backup – Recovery – Data Transfer Services Include:

  • Recovering data from failing hard drives
  • Data can be transferred to new systems or external devices
  • On-Site / Off-Site Backup Configuration
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery Planning

Backup Solutions

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