Server Setup & Support Services

Server Setup & Support Services

Server Setup and Support Services in Melbourne, Australia.

LoginIT deals with short term and long term support for your servers. We start working closely with you to choose the right server for your requirement applying various filters to choose the final server product. We consider your RoI since every organization has a fixed budget for its infrastructure. Based on your budget requirements we take your inputs for the server requirement and provide your multiple options to choose from.


Server Setup and Support Services

Secure and Professional approach of Installation and Support.

We are professional in dealing with major vendors including IBM, HP, Lenovo, and DELL server products. We install your server securely configuring RAID, installing the server operating system, and then your required application on the server. During this installation process, we consider various aspects of security on the servers, hardening the server by stopping the unwanted services which run by default with the operating systems. Our support is not restricted to what we mention here on the website. We extend beyond our basic support which includes.

  • Providing consultation for server identification
  • Operating systems preferences to choose from (Windows or Linux)
  • Configuring the roles on the server to fit your requirement.
  • Securing the server platforms implementing security policies via firewall and user-level permissions.
  • Troubleshoot and maintain servers

High-Availability and Fail-Over Methods.

In order for your business to run smoothly, we provide you solutions with high availability and failover technology solutions. We design backup servers and load balancing the server load in order to meet the disaster situations. Load balancing will share the server load between the primary server and the backup server for processing the request from the client computers and making the output delivered within no time. We configure alerts to management and server owner if any service fails to perform its task, this helps to support team/individual to mitigate the disaster beforehand.

Application Monitor and Management

LoginIT, are experts in configuring role-based services on windows server which includes,

  • File Servers
  • Print Server Management
  • Routing and Remote Access (VPN) – for work from home users.
  • Print and Document Services
  • Remote Desktop Services
  • Web Server (IIS)
We can also configure the performance monitor which regularly check for the server health and send alerts when the server reaches the set threshold levels. We monitor your servers 24×7 for your business needs especially if you are into eCommerce.