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LoginIT offers you IT solutions for both home and business. Our team at Harkness provides you with same-day support, seven days a week for all your IT needs. That includes remote solutions as well as on-site visits.

Our cloud solutions are world class and adhere to industry standards worldwide, so that your business can function with the utmost efficiency and increase productivity. We use the latest and best services like AWS and Azure cloud platforms to make sure you do not have any issues conducting your business.

Our Harkness offices also house an expert team of designers and developers to help you design your websites to make them user friendly and easy to use for your customers, that will guarantee an increase in lead generation and engagement rates.

Our IT support team also has 15 years of experience in providing infrastructure and network support, such as installation, repair and maintenance, monitoring, configuring, etc.

Aside from Harkness, we have a presence in other areas of Melbourne, such as Aintree, Burnside, Thornhill Park, Caroline Springs, Ravenhall, Bonnie Brook, Eynesbury, Exford, Mount Cottrell, Hillside, and more.