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Firewall Protection

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Fear that your PC is not protected from threats? Maybe it’s not! Install FireWall Protection today for extra protection

Safety in the digital world is as important as it is in the physical reality. These are very real threats that the cyber world poses to its users in terms of misuse of personal data for malicious activities. 

Imagine living in a house with no doors or security. Think about all the things that could go wrong. The same is applicable to your devices where you store most of your valuable information.

Safeguarding your operating system requires installation of security software called the ‘Firewall’ – available as hardware and software

In case of additional security for larger organisations and for perimeter security we suggest you install additional firewall systems to safeguard against cybercrimes. The firewall blocks unwanted web traffic and protects pockets of information sent across through encryption. There are various types of firewalls based on structure and functionality- like cloud based firewall(FaaS), Packet Filtering Firewall, Stateful Multilayer Inspections (SMLI) etc.

The Installation can be done in a hassle free manner, at the convenience of your home/office at a time specified by you. Our Login IT technicians are happy to help you with onsite services anywhere in Melbourne.

Our Firewall Protection Service Includes:

Block Unauthorised Remote Access

Firewalls like FaaS protect the data stored in the cloud from breaching through remote access and keep VPN passwords protected.

Safe Online Gaming

Firewalls also protect your personal data from virus threats disguised as unwanted ads while playing games online on unprotected websites.

Block Web Traffic & Unsuitable or Immoral Content

Makes it user friendly for kids and teenagers who stumble upon unidentified links and are redirected to adult content. Also from virus breach that happens at these sites.

Safe Online Banking With Advanced Level Data Protection

End- to end encryption, VPN password etc are included with firewall installation which password protects every time you login to your bank accounts from the device. Thus keeping your money safe.

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Tips & Frequently Asked Questions:

How does Firewall work?

Firewall works by protecting your valuable personal and professional data from being exposed. Firewall is a security software that can be installed on your devices to prevent virus attacks and cyber threats.

Why is it necessary to install firewall software?

Firewall blocks web traffic when operating in unknown websites and prevents unauthorized access from external sources. Makes it easier for larger organisations to protect their data and also makes it easy for online gaming.

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