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It's hard to get by without receiving and sending emails these days. It's possible to set up an account with either a new or existing email address

Nowadays, it’s hard to get by without receiving and sending emails. We can help you set up an account with either a new or existing email address. We can also help you add accounts. Furthermore, we’ll teach you how to fully utilize the email server’s great features.

Our Email Setup Service Includes:

Email Account Setup for Laptop, Mac & Desktop

We will set up a new or existing email account for you using your choice of the client. We can discuss the pros and cons of different email clients onsite.

Outlook Setup & Fixing Connection Issues

Can’t access your email from Outlook on your desktop? Several Outlook issues can be diagnosed and fixed by Login IT technicians in moments.

Setting up Business Email

Communication is a vital part of any business, and there are many ways to communicate the most trusted and reliable source of communication is email. Email is a reliable and legal way of communicating in business. Business-critical communications should be sent via email only.

Do you want to create a professional business email address? Call Login IT solution now. 

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Tips & Frequently Asked Questions:

How to set up an email account on my computer?

Creating an email account can be tricky if you aren’t sure what you are doing. If you use Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo, you’ll need to choose the right email program for you.

To get it working on all of your devices – phone, laptop, tablet, and other smart devices – you’ll need to select an email address, login to your account, and get your settings correct.

When you are ready, you can send and receive emails. Of course, you can always call Login IT to come and set everything up for you.

How to troubleshoot email bounce back?

Email bounceback is fairly prevalent. If you receive an email bounce back, try the following items:

  • Check that the email address you entered is correct — the most common problems are simple spelling typos or forgetting to include the “au” at the end.
  • If the email address you replied to is [email protected], it suggests the company has enabled that email to only send emails and not receive them.
  • If everything else fails, visit the company’s website and complete a new contact form.

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