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Computer Repair Services

Fast, Reliable IT Support System
for Home & Business Services

Is your computer running slow or won’t turn on? Does it keep crashing or freezing?

Computer repairs are our specialty – whether you have a PC, Mac, or laptop, we can help you get it working again. LoginIT computer repairs include virus removal, hardware installation, general troubleshooting, data recovery, email setup, and more. Get onsite computer help from the best expert technicians in Melbourne for your home or work. 

Is your computer running slow or won’t turn on? Does it keep crashing or freezing? We can help and provide quality of service, affordable, onsite computer, and remote-based IT Support for repairs to both home and small businesses.

Our Computer Repair Service Includes:

New Computer Setup

Just got a new computer? With Login IT, you can set up your new computer in order to maximize its performance. We handle all brands and models of computers! Call Login IT today to ensure a great start with your new device.

Virus & Spyware Removal

A computer can experience all kinds of performance problems as a result of viruses and spyware. Is your computer running slowly? Is your laptop constantly displaying error messages? A computer with any of these symptoms is likely to be attacked with a virus or spyware.

To get your computer free of viruses, malware, and spyware, or to test your device’s functionality, contact our computer security specialists.

Slow Computers

When your computer keeps slowing down, and loading times become long and unresponsive, how can you fix the issue? It may seem daunting to fix a slow computer, but it’s not; our experts will fix your computer in minutes and get results in no time.

Computer Won't Turn On

When your PC won’t turn on, it can be hard to know where to begin. Due to the complexity of today’s computers, the source of a problem may not be immediately evident.

Fret not, our team of experts will help you solve this issue in minutes!

New Smart Device Setup

Technology will become more integrated into our daily lives as home automation becomes more prevalent. Professional installation is often necessary to ensure that they are configured correctly and work properly. Look no further than Login IT for the best smart device setup at home or at work.

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At LoginIT,

we offer you expert IT solutions 7-days a week & also remote solutions for both home and workplace tech issues.

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Tips & Frequently Asked Questions:

Overheating PC - How to fix?

If your PC feels hot to the touch if the fans are running loud, or if it suddenly shuts down, freezes or you experience blue screens, then it may be overheating. How to cool down your computer

  • A clean PC will improve its speed, performance, and airflow all at once by removing dirt and dust.
  • Keeping desktop computers cool also requires adequate airflow. Place your PC on a hard, firm surface with plenty of space around it.
  • One of the easiest ways to cool down your computer is to close programs that consume a lot of power.
  • Shut down your device and let it rest for a few hours.

Do you hear a beeping sound on boot-up of your PC?

If new hardware is installed incorrectly, a computer will beep and refuse to boot. It is possible that the hardware is incompatible with the motherboard even if it has been installed correctly.

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