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Cloud Solutions

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Helping businesses navigate the world of cloud solutions with custom Cloud Solutions service.

Our Cloud Solutions will help your business improve its efficiency, and reduce costs, and expenses. We will enable your business to have access to all the IT resources it needs to function more effectively without the use of expensive hardware and time-consuming maintenance. We work with AWS and Azure cloud platforms. Whether you’re looking for an on-premise solution or a cloud-based one, we’ve got you covered.

Our Cloud Solutions Service Includes:

Cloud Strategy

Our team of experienced IT professionals in Melbourne will provide an action plan for your business’ cloud infrastructure and find ways to increase productivity and ensure effective performance.

Cloud Security Review

We will conduct a comprehensive review of your organisation’s cloud data and infrastructure to ensure there are no vulnerabilities anywhere within the system and identify any areas for improvement.

DevOps and DevSecOps

We will integrate DevOps and DevSecOps into your business’ software development life cycle and help to prioritise, streamline, ensure faster delivery of applications, detect security issues earlier, and help identify and mitigate risks beforehand.

Cloud Migration

Our Melbourne IT support professionals will migrate your organisation’s data, applications, and IT processes into a cloud-based infrastructure provided by a cloud service provider such as AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure.

Secure Website Hosting

We will provide secure web hosting for your business, regularly monitor the network for any vulnerabilities or risks, conduct proper backup, and regularly scan files and remove malware.

Cloud Automation

Our team here at LoginIT will take care of and manage your business’ cloud automation with the use of specialised automated tools in order to improve the consistency, scalability, and speed of your cloud infrastructure.

AWS Landing Zone Control Tower Deployment

LoginIT will set up and govern a secure and scalable multi-account AWS environment for your organisation that follows AWS best practices.

AWS Cost Optimisation Review

We will enable your AWS to continuously be cost-optimised and help your company achieve its highest saving potential while building scalable applications.

AWS Secure Billing

Our team will manage your AWS billing and present a report regarding the costs and usage to help optimise future costs.

AWS Well-Architected Review

Our team of expert AWS architects in Melbourne will provide assessments and remediation based on well established AWS principles in order to help build secure and efficient cloud applications which are secure, reliable, and cost-effective.

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Tips & Frequently Asked Questions:

What is meant by cloud solution?

Cloud solution refers to applications, storage space, on-demand services, computer networks, or other resources that can be accessed over the internet in private and secure servers and networks

What are examples of cloud-based solutions?

Some examples of cloud-based solutions are:

  • Software as a Service (SaaS). For example, Microsoft Office 365
  • Platform as a service (PaaS). For example, Windows Azure
  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS). For example, Amazon Web Services.

What is phishing?

In the digital age, phishing is one of the most common forms of cybercrime. Phishing is the fraudulent practice of scamming unsuspecting users, usually in the form of an email from a bank, credit card company, or other well-known brands. The emails often contain links to fake websites designed to look like real ones where victims can enter their personal information.

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