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Assessing your organizations assets, servers, workstations for vulnerability which is also referred as security holes in the organization network. We assess your organization network using various network assessment tools and provide you the report of vulnerability. This is beneficial for the organizations to meet the security compliance and safe guarding the organizations identity by being implementing the fixes, patches for the hosted applications, servers and end user desktops, laptops and mobiles. This also includes scanning the gateway level security appliances and reviewing the security rules and access control rules implemented. We can recommend and implement the security rules by modifying the existing ones to better protect from outside hackers, intruders, viruses and malware.

Assessment Levels include the following areas:

Network : Scans for the network based servers, appliances and end user products.

Web Application: Securely scanning the web based applications

Virtual Platform: Secure scanning of virtual appliances and virtual machines hosted on cloud and internal network like VMware, Hyper-V based solutions.

Wireless: Assess the wireless network devices like routers and access points and configuration policies.

Benefits with Vulnerability Assessment:

  • Meet your security compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Understand the risk involved in the internal network.
  • Bring down the downtime.
  • Overview of the damaged caused and proactive measurement for security threats lined up.

Vulnerability Management

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