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Virtualization Services in Melbourne, Australia.

Virtualization is the abstraction of physical elements and location. IT resources – servers, applications, desktops, storage, and networking – are uncoupled from physical devices and presented as logical resources. Virtualization technologies create and perform the mapping between physical and logical.


Who uses virtualization, and why?

Virtualization is used widely in small to large data centers by corporations, government entities, service providers, and ISVs, as well as within SMB IT environments.

Fundamental to cloud computing, virtualization enables IT organizations to pool and share resources across multiple users and deploy quickly without overprovisioning. More efficient resource utilization results in lower equipment, space, and power and cooling costs. Virtualization also helps reduce complexity and management overhead, increase application availability, disaster recovery, and increase IT security.

Benefits of virtualization

IT virtualization provides numerous benefits, to include:

  • Rapid application deployment
  • Higher application service levels and availability
  • Greater utilization of infrastructure investments
  • Fast and flexible scalability
  • Lower infrastructure, energy, and facility costs
  • Less administrative overhead
  • Anywhere access to desktop applications and data
  • Enhanced IT security
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