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Network Security, everyone speaks security now a days. Organizations are investing more budget on securing their identity and confidential information from being stolen by the so called hackers. Organizations are implementing and evaluating different strategies to safe guard their information. Security can be dealt both in hardware security and software security.

We follow 3 phases of security.

1. Policy
2. Enforcement.
3. Audit


We work with your organization IT staff and management to understand your business. Have discussions with the various departments. Ask for your policies if already in place, review them and match them with the discussions and provide the feedback. Finalize, the organization IT policies providing you the draft and ask for your approval.


In order to deploy the policies in live working model, we might ask you for procuring new IT hardware or software in order to enforce the policies to get see the desired output. The output is based on several hours of experts investing the configuration and implementation. During this phase we will check with the IT staff and application owners and vendors for their feedback for their applications working functionality as desired. In this phase we will evaluate for

  • Access control
  • Identification
  • Authentication
  • Malware detection
  • Encryption
  • File type filtering
  • URL filtering
  • Content filtering


Audit phase, during this phase we will audit the logs and check for the compliance. The audit is performed in regular intervals as accepted with organizations to ensure the security policies are safe guarded.


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