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Penetration Testing

With multi-tier network architectures, Web services, custom applications, and heterogeneous server platform environments, keeping data and information assets secure is more difficult than ever. Coupled with this added complexity is the fact that criminal organizations have organized their hacking efforts; it is no longer just “script kiddies” trying to break into your network. In the past several years, it has become apparent that there is real money to be made from criminal hacking, and identity theft is one of the world’s fastest growing problems.

Although there are many ways to secure systems and applications, the only way to truly know how secure you are is to test yourself. By performing penetration tests against your environment, you can actually replicate the types of actions that a malicious attacker would take, giving you a more accurate representation of your security posture at any given time. Although most penetration testing methods have traditionally been somewhat adhoc, that has changed in the last several years. Robust, repeatable testing methodologies now exist, and high quality commercial tools can be implemented to ensure that both testing parameters and results are high-quality and trustworthy. CORE IMPACT is just such a tool. In the hands of a properly trained penetration tester, CORE IMPACT provides a stable, quality-assured testing tool that can be used to accurately assess systems by penetrating existing vulnerabilities.

Penetration Testing

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