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Same day computer repairs at your fingertips – wherever and whenever
But when it doesn’t, it can be incredibly frustrating.

15Years’ Experience in IT

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LoginIT – Our beliefs
We believe in treating our clients – as well as their devices and home or office – with respect, friendliness, and professionalism.
We believe in empowering our clients so that they can make the most of their technology in both their personal and professional lives.
We believe that technology is an integral part of life. That’s why we offer both same-day and remote services.

Exceptional IT support Services in Melbourne, Australia.

We excel in delivering optimal solutions.

We repair at your home or business
Highly skilled technicians
Quick service, maximum on the same day
Affordable Cost
If you are looking for a technical consultant (laptop repairs, networking and upgrade services) for your desktop or laptop then simply make your booking at LoginIT, we offer service at your home, office or workplace. We are not just limited to repairs and upgrades, and the list of services includes – repairs, upgrades, virus and Trojan removal, system optimisation, OS & software installation, data backup & recovery, and more. The main aim of LoginIT is to provide 100% customer satisfaction.